GRRIF Peuchapatte Sui 90.3 MHz

Heard mixing with an unidentified Swiss station. Fabrice Aeby Responsable de la Progr. Musicale helped me and checked their log and found the music in my recording.

SRF Musikwelle Rigi SUI 90.9 MHz

QSL-email from Benjamin Balsiger Technischer Mitarbeiter. He gave detailed information about my reception.

Radio Venezia Sound Venezia I 99.2 MHz

Really nice QSL-message via Messenger. They also mentioned that they had received a report from Finland the same week.


Radio Bonton Praha CZE 99.7 MHz

Nice messenger conversation with Libor Weber confirms reception. He also played a song by Roxette!


Radio Mega Indjija SRB 89.2 MHz

Nice email QSL from Dragan Lakic, direktor of RTV Mega.


Radio Express FM Laziska Górne POL 92.3 MHz

Reception verified by Piotr, who had studied in Sundsvall, just 150 km from my home. He says my report was the first from Sweden.


Radio Fir Dej ROU 96.2 MHz

I sent a recording via both email and Messenger and received a nice reply on Messenger from Ciprian Muncelean, announcer/DJ.  According to my sources they are only 50 watts so a nice catch.